The Stone of Fal was the Stone of Sovereignty of the ancient Irish. Find your own sovereignty. Here is a brief video:

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

And here is the link to: The Druid Forest School with Michael Conneely.

Learn about the Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan. Let your spirit travel out to find and touch and claim the Stone of Fal.

The Stone of Fal brings us to our Sovereignty. We all need to have Sovereignty over our lives. We all need to understand how we share our Sovereignty.

In Druid Forest School Course 2, you study and work with the four sacred weapons that the Tuatha de Danaan won in their travels before they returned from their exile to reclaim their homeland of Ireland.

These great weapons were: The Stone of Fal, the Spear of Llugh, The Sword of Nuada and The Cauldron of The Dagda.

The Tuatha de Danaan were a people who had developed great spiritual and magical essence. Above all they valued skill and achievement of the special spark we each of us incarnate to work with and perfect this time.

Eventually, faced the further invasion of the Milesian Celts, they chose not to continue their work in the human realm … until the time would be right for their return. The Druid Forest School courses seek to connect us to the essence of the Tuatha de Danaan and effect their return.