Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Here is a much valued and deeply appreciated Testimonial I have just received from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA, who has just completed the Course. I hope this will encourage you to study the Ogham:

Tree Spirit

I stand before you
sensing infinite energy
limited by perception
listening, listening.
Faintly, I hear drumming
the door opens
to my vision quest.

ogham tree spirit Gatherers Moon Celtic Ogham sticksCauldron of Plenty, Stone of Destiny,
Watch towers, oceans
rippling to infinity
all reflections of soul.
My silhouette
presses against you
our roots intertwine
reaching toward Source
uncovering Truths
a magical adventure
in Michael Conneely’s Ogham course.
Anne Lee, 2014

For details of this wonderful course, go to: www.oghampathways.com