Meet The Morrigan ​- The Druid Forest School Vision Course

There are currently four powerful and beautiful Modules to my Meet the Morrigan Course:

1. Meet the Morrigan of the Second Battle of Moytura

2. Meet the Morrigan of Oweynagat Cave: Warrior Initiation

3. Understand the Relationship between The Morrigan and Cuchulainn

4. The Morrigan and The Dagda: Sacred Union.

Here is a description of my four Modules to Meet The Morrigan:

Module 1

Meet the Morrigan of the Second Battle of Moytura

We meet and experience The Morrigan as the War Goddess of the Tuatha De Danaan, in the fight of the Second Battle of Moytura against the dark and twisted Formorians, led by Balor of the Evil Eye.

The Morrigan is Great Queen, all-seeing watchful Goddess. She is bestower of Sovereignty in a matriarchal/Mother Goddess way. She is Consort of The Dagda (The Good God). She is Bestower of Victory. She is Goddess of prophecy: She warns The Dagda of the intentions of the enemy before the second battle of Moytura, and she also prophecies victory for the Tuatha De Danaan. She is fierce, loving Protector. And she is also a shape-shifter including practice of animal transformations, appearing in the air or on the land and in water. She sometimes appears as a Triple Goddess together with Badb and Macha.

The Morrigan is also a Goddess of Magic because she promises to deprive the leader of the enemy of his blood and his testicles. More mundane battle weapons such as spears and swords are not her weapons.

At the First Battle of Moytura where the Tuatha De Danaan fought against the Fir Bolg, The Morrigan, Badb and Macha sent forth magic showers of sorcery, clouds of mists and rains of fire and blood for three days and nights to harry the Fir Bolg. In this, The Second Battle of Moytura, the Tuatha De Danaan fight to restore Ireland to the original purity the Divine had for it at the time of the creation of the World, a purity that their predecessors, The Formorians have sullied.

In essence, The Morrigan equates to the Dark Goddesses of Indo-European tradition, such as Kali and Niritti, in that they are uncompromising deities of the crucial truth of death and of potential for rebirth which can produce Revelation and possibility for spiritual enlightenment. Fertility, destruction, rebirth and life-purpose are often key qualities of the Dark Goddess. They represent to us True Meaning.

The key gift of The Morrigan is that She offers us the opportunity to develop clear spiritual perception of the nature of the battles facing us in our life, and also the opportunity to die to our ego sense of self, so as to make the needed spiritual growth to become the Spiritual Warrior. The Spiritual Warrior sees the limitations of our egoic self and sees the divine meaning within situations. In the Celtic Arthurian Tradition of Britain, this Spiritual Warrior is written of as The Grail Knight.

Module 2

Meet the Morrigan of Oweynagat Cave: Warrior Initiation

In Module 2, you join your soul group of candidates for a journey of warrior initiation in the dread Cave of The Morrigan at Oweynagat.
You focus on a key issue that we not perceiving or handling well in our life.

You will test out how genuine we are around this issue by actually facing The Morrigan herself in this vision journey.
You will receive guidance how to die to our old self and how to face the situation better arising out of the guidance from this Warrior Initiation.

Module 3

Understand the Relationship between The Morrigan and Cuchulainn

Essentially The Cattle Raid of Cooley charts the relationship between the war goddess, The Morrigan, and the young prodigy warrior and esoteric druid: Cuchulainn.
It is played out when Queen Maeve of Connaught invades Ulster to steal the Brown Bull from Ulster, so as to equalise with her husband, Ailill, who owns the White Bull of Connaught.
The Brown Bull of Ulster signifies potency and material wealth and strength, above all, the material realm. Its counterpart, the White Bull of Connaught epitomizes spirituality.
But of course, neither Ailill nor Maeve had any comprehension of this dimension of the conflict they provoked. They just lusted for wealth and competitive domination over the other gender.
So, at the deep level, The Tain studies the deep meaning of Spiritual Warrior and the Life-Eager Hero. It reveals how we need to come to spiritual perception of the true meaning of the nature of the Battlefields we face in life.
The Tain also studies the relationship between the world of Gods and the world of Men.
And to understand the meaning of The Tain, we have to see how the Shadow can negatively take over in both Queen Maeve and in Cuchulainn – And in ourself.
For if we can see the Battle of Life as it is for its true spiritual meaning, as it occurs, we are then re-born from our smaller self, to our full Self, whom we incarnated to manifest in this lifetime. We gain divine perception. We are equipped to take divine action.
But the crucial understanding is that The Morrigan is ethical. A modern tragedy is that she has been taken over as mascots for people to proudly use her a mascot for their aggressions and dysfunctions, and they do grave harm to themselves, and to others who would benefit from meeting her, and to understanding of the great life-saving gifts of The Morrigan in the modern world.
If we can recognise the War Goddess when she comes, we receive the gifts of her challenge. But Cuchulainn failed to recognise her each time – and so he died.
And so, we have to meet the challenge of perceiving the true nature and meaning of her battlefields, as and when they occur in our life – particularly in apparently terrible circumstances.

Module 4

The Morrigan and The Dagda Sacred Union

If you have also studied my ‘Meet The Dagda Course’, this fourth module ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda Sacred Union’, is also available.
The audio for this fourth course was recorded at The Bed of The Couple, below the plateau where the Second Battle of Moytura was fought.

The modules must be tackled in the order they are listed. You are sent the notes and audios for each module, as you enroll on them one after the other.

You read the notes plus your own favourite reading, you do your vision audio journey and you send me your report. We then discuss your journey and also, we cross-refer to your Western and Vedic Astrology for insight.

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When you enroll, please confirm your booking by separate email to me, letting me know which email address you wish to use for correspondence.

Please also provide your astrological natal data and present location when booking. Astrological Natal Data is: date, place and time of birth. This allows astrological perspective to underpin the healing. You will find this a very definite bonus. I am expert in both western psychodynamic and Vedic Astrology (Vedic Astrology is the ancient astrology of India).

And as a very special bonus, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

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I look forward to working with you