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 The Norse people travel North to the northern lands led by their warrior magician God, leader of the Aesir Gods, Odin.

On the way, Odin trances for nine days and nights in the branches of the World Tree and seizes the magic of the Runes.

When the Norse arrive at their destination, they find the shamanic earth-based people, the Vanir living there.

The Norse fight the Vanir, but Odin is ensorcelled by Freya’s sex magic and Seithr, and the Norse and Vanir Gods and people merge.

The Aesir set up Asgard as one of the nine worlds of Yggdrassil, a pure and beautiful city of hierarchy and rule.

The three Giantesses who weave the destiny of humanity arrive in the Northern Lands: These are the Norns: Urd, Verdandi and Schuld. They establish themselves at the foot of the World Tree to weave the destiny of human lives and chant the Orlog, the Law of Cosmic Balance.

Odin, together with Vili and Ve, encounters Mimir, the First Being, who was created from the union of Ice and Fire and nurtured by the Cosmic Cow, Audhumla.

Odin, Vili and Ve think that Mimir spends his time sleeping, not recognising primary Unity Consciousness when they see it. So they slay Mimir and create Middle Earth or Midgard out of the portions of Mimir’s dismembered body.

But in fact, Unity Consciousness cannot be destroyed, and so Mimir always exists, and he is encountered again, when he demands that Odin sacrifice his eye for one drink of the Well of Wisdom which Mimir guards.

And Mimir is encountered yet again when the boy and the girl, Lif and Lifthrasir, flee from the destruction of the world at Ragnarok and take refuge at Mimir’s well to start the human race again and start the new cycle of Creation.

Odin hears that there is a prophecy that the Aesir Gods are doomed. The Voluspa Saga tells how Odin raised a Seeress from her grave barrow and she confirms the terrible destiny. Odin spends the rest of his reign seeking to avert the terrible doom.

But Loki, the Trickster God mates with the foul giantess Angrbroda, and they have three terrible children: Fenrir (The Fenris Wolf), Hel (Queen of …. Hell) and Jormundgand, the Midgard Serpent who encircles the world.

Thus, forces of chaos grow, and the Giants ever oppose the Aesir, despite the work of Thor the Defender with his terrible hammer, Mjolnir.

Peerless Heimdall ever defends Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge that links Middle Earth to Asgard. Beside him is the Gjallarhorn, which will only sound if the unthinkable happens and the forces of chaos invade Midgard and head towards the Rainbow Bridge and seek to slay the wondrous Gods of Asgard.

But the predicted End Time happens. The terrible chaos children of Loki do invade. Heimdall sees them and sound the Gjallerhorn.

The Gods sally forth to fight the darkness, knowing that they are doomed.

Thor, the Hammer God, slays the Midgard serpent and takes nine steps from the carcass, only to fall dead himself, slain by the serpent’s venom.

The beautiful Aesir Gods are destroyed. The nine worlds are ended.

But two young children hid in the World Tree horrified by the Destruction. As the worlds end, they flee to Mimir’s Well, and their issue shall be the new Human Race.

New cycle ever begins again: Order always is destroyed by Chaos so that new needed Order can come in.

This is the great and endless Cycle of Creation that the magnificent Gods of the Norse Folk took their peerless place in.

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