Ogham Pathways with the Druid Forest School

​The Druid Forest School’s wonderful Worldwide Distance Learning Course in the Ogham

You are supported to find your own true path in these courses.

They are not imposed.

This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part – with all the support you need from me.

What is The Ogham?

This is a certificated worldwide distance learning course studying The Ogham: The Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids.

The Ogham was a system of visionary connection and understanding. It was explored through a number of correspondences, but it is its links to the Trees that we focus on in this course, and a sense of the sacredness of trees was central to the ancient Irish.

The Ogham is a most powerful and beautiful tool for personal growth and spiritual understanding. I have learned so much about states of consciousness and life values from the Ogham. It has been so very beautiful to connect with the trees in their wild and natural settings. In fact each letter of the Celtic Ogham alphabet can also be used for healing and empowerment.

The Ogham also introduces you to a genuine and powerful cosmology of the Celtic Otherworlds that interpenetrate this realm: Middle Earth. Your mind explores and encompasses its vast range of consciousness-states.

In its essence, the Ogham is the alphabet of ancient Druid Ireland. There is evidence it may have grown out of ancient tally systems and secret ancient druid hand-signalling. Its deep layers of meaning have been amplified by a number of ancient correspondences systems and frameworks.

The Ogham is mystical and profound. It is beautiful and tantalising. The Ogham is very ancient. Its date of origin is unknown as nothing of the Druid wisdom system was written down. However the earliest inscriptions that have survived are nearly two thousand year old, and there is good evidence for the ogham possibly being several hundred years older than that, and undeniably Irish in its source and origin.

Central to our understanding is that each Ogham alphabet letter or ‘Few’ represents the soul and energy of a tree. But each Few is also a pathway that run across or between the Celtic Otherworlds which are different, sometimes overlapping states of consciousness which are inhabited by their own beings, for example these realms include the famous Tir na N’Og, the land of eternal Youth, or Magh Mell: the state of Abundance, The Plane of Delight.

Study the Ogham

​As the tree alphabet of the ancient Irish druids, each letter of the Ogham alphabet epitomises a deep meditation on the energy and wisdom of a tree. Each letter can thus connect you to very, very special natural-based state of consciousness.

The Ogham’s consciousness is very non-lateral, mystical and beautiful. It is very different from the energy of the Runes, which is far more a will-based system. Both, however, very much have their very different special power and place. 

How does the Ogham Course work?

For each Ogham letter you receive an audio recording download with information about the letter and the relevant tree, any relevant spiritual weapon, pathway and beings, plus a second audiofile which is a guided meditation with opportunity for trance drumming and chanting and divination.

You can either use our drumming journey, or you can branch out from this and proceed to use your own drumming.

You then correspond with myself as guide, friend and counsellor, as your personal spiritual and life-journey progresses, helped through the trees and mystical Celtic Otherworlds.

This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you. The Course is Certificated.

Importantly, each journey always starts (and ends) at your Divine Centre here on Middle Earth, which you learn to visualise.

You also receive maps showing the place of each Ogham pathway in the Celtic Cosmology: the pathway that each letter represents through the Celtic Otherworlds.

Thus the course is not at all taught with any time-frame in mind. The goal is achieving excellence of the experience, excellence of connection, excellence of utterance, rather than any time table.

People are not advised to study more that an Ogham letter per week, though, as it definitely takes time for the energy to assimilate with anyone – even in the most foundation way.

The first step is to establish your Divine Centre, your special place of being, where each journey will begin and end, so you start off with a sound file being sent to you to help you do this.

The order of study is that determined by pathways stretching out across the three worlds of ancient Irish cosmology.

In other words, you start with the Ogham tree letters for the four pathways that radiate out from your Divine Centre in the centre of this world, which was called Bith or ‘Middle Earth’.

But progressively you extend further and further outwards from your Divine Centre to the tree letters for the pathways leading to the realms of the Upper World (Magh Mor) and also the realms of the Lower World (Tir Andomain), and ultimately to the letters for journeying across the Upper World and the Lower World.

The first four tree journeys, are therefore the journeys across Bith, or ‘Middle Earth’.

The first of these is the third letter: 3. Fern or Alder which runs across Bith, Middle Earth, from the Centre to the NE, between Blath in the East and Cath in the North. This is Journey 1. Learn the spiritual dimensions of Alder Tree Wisdom.

Journey 2 is the very different energy of the 8th Ogham letter: Tinne or Holly, a principle of spiritual strength and self-defence. This runs through Bith or Middle Earth from the Centre to the SE between Seis in the South and Blath in the East.

The third journey is letter 13. This is Ngetal or Broom, whose pathway runs across Bith from the Centre to the SW between Fis and Seis.

The final tree journey to run solely across middle earth is that to encounter the divine energy of the 18th Ogham letter: Ur or Heather.

And jumping to the very end of the course, as you might expect, the very final journey is to encounter the death and rebirth energy of the 20th tree letter: Idad, the Yew, whose pathway runs across the Upperworld from the Centre to the NW between Sen Magh (The realm of the Old) and Magh Findargat (the Plain of White Silver, light). This is the final journey: Journey 20.

After each of your Ogham Journeys, you correspond with me telling me how you fared, and we discuss your experience and its authentic meaning in your life.

And what you will meet on your Ogham journeys is not just the inspirational wisdom of the trees, for example you also encounter the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan: deep lessons to be learned in finding and handing each: Four ancient objects of great power: the four spiritual weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan that you gather on the way:The Stone of Eriu, the Sword of Nuada, the Spear of Lugh and the Cauldron of The Dagda.

Furthermore, there are the otherworldly beings of the ancient Celts you encounter to empower yourself and extend your consciousness.

The Ogham Alphabet:

You start with the Ogham tree letters for the four pathways that radiate out from your Divine Centre in the centre of this world, which was called Bith or ‘Middle Earth’.
But progressively you extend further and further outwards from your Divine Centre to the tree letters for the pathways leading to the realms of the Upper World (Magh Mor) and also the realms of the Lower World (Tir Andomain).
Here is a depiction of the Celtic Three Worlds with their many inter-penetrating realms:

Here is an example of one man’s Ogham Journey:

​I have just done the Broom journey. It was so full of magic!.
The main door of the path was built by two broom trees in the shape of an arc.
It was a forest full of these trees some of them dressed in yellow leaves. I hugged one of them and i received a message that something when I was 11 years old has to be healed. Another message was being braver.
Then I started running and playing from tree to tree. I was like a kid running and playing around.
When I had to turn left I found the sword rounded by trees and being offered to me…it was just there like floating.
When I grabbed it I felt like blue or light-blue energy starting running through my whole body cleaning it and taking any kind of fear out of me. After feeling that I just touched my chest with the sword and then I put my forehead (3rdeye) against the sword…I felt again a wonderful sensation of strength and magic.
When coming back I did it on the broom…flying on it…sometimes really high and fast and some others slow and around the trees. The broom stopped by itself in front of the sword for a moment…I felt both of us (the broom and I) was saluting it with respect.
I came back to my divine center feeling the magic…it was really nice.
Thank you very much for all the learning and guidance,

Sebastian Cuenca, Argentina

Videos about my Ogham Course:

I look forward to working with you,
All Blessings to our work.

This is a correspondence course.

The correspondence is supportive and is backed up with reference to both your western and your Vedic astrology. This course is completely personal and individual to you. It is visionary and magical. The Course is Certificated.

What do you gain when you Enroll?


When you enroll on my worldwide distance learning Ogham courses, you methodically and thoroughly learn the energy of each tree. Each Ogham letter is a magical guide to life. Each letter opens the mind to the otherworlds and mystery. You learn how to do powerful and profound Ogham divination readings. You receive personal guidance and support for your spiritual growth: this is true and timeless Wisdom that is relevant and needed today. You gain clarity and insight into your life using this deep ancestral understanding. You meet the Celtic Gods and Goddesses.

You steadily transform your life and consciousness and you magically empower yourself by working through this wonderful Distance Correspondence Ogham Course with me.

​It is totally personal and inspired sharing and learning.
​To enroll on the worldwide Druid Forest School Ogham Course the price is 160 Euros. For this price you receive sound-files to establish your Divine Centre, and also to present and journey to connection with each letter of the Ogham Celtic tree Alphabet of the Ancient Irish Druids.
You also receive information and maps about the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann and also the Celtic Otherworlds.
Please use the PayPal BuyNow button below and email me your email address for correspondence as well as your astrological natal data: date time and place of birth. Thus is because we refer to your astrology for guidance as we correspond about your course work. When stating the date of birth, please put the month in words not numbers. When expressing time of birth, please use the 24 hr clock.

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And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

And also as a wonderful special bonus, at a small extra charge you can have an Astrology Reading meeting with me on zoom, which includes cross-referring to how you are doing on your course.

I look forward to working with you.