This is your very special opportunity to purchase the sacred Norse art of Frida Widlund – the great Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse. This post features Frida’s painting of Great Goddess Freya as Mead Cup Bearer:

Frida is a Shamaness and healer, who also makes felted wool art and rugs for babies, children and adults. She lives in Sweden and Frida also offers health care yoga, pregnancy massage and healing massage therapy.

Frida’s paintings of the Norse Gods and Goddesses have grown out of her runes and journey work to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse, here with us at rune-path.

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Here’s a very brief excerpt from one of our vision journeys to meet Great Goddess Freya, Freya as Mead Cup Bearer:

‘Answer these questions:
What is the True Nature of this selected situation?
How will you henceforth deal with it?
what does your realized self look like? Be like? Act like? NOW?

Then say the words:
‘I deserve my fullness now!’
I am now one of the chosen spiritual warriors: they who died to self;
They who saw the truth of their lives battlefield.
They who became the Divine Warrior.

The Valkyrie then Takes you to Freya’s Mead Hall:

Now, you arrive at the entrance door to the Mead Hall of Freya:
You look around. Birch trees grow around the wooden Hall. The Hall sits high on its pinnacle.
The landscape stretches below for miles.
The Sun is bright ahead.
The wind blows inspiration.
You enter the double doors.
The window shutters are down.
The Sun shines in.
The fire buns brilliant flames and smoke.
You can see for miles the landscape below.
You see the Hall is filled:
The chosen spiritual warriors: they who died to self and became the Divine Warrior. These are the True Meaning of the fallen Brave Warriors and the Faithful wives praised by the ancient peoples of the Norse.

You See Great Goddess Freya:

You see Great Goddess Freya on her High Seat at the far end of her Hall.
The gold necklace Brisingamen is round her neck.
Its gold and amber pendants fall across her breast like scattering of golden tears.
Daughter of Njord and Skadi.
Brother of Freyr.
Wife of Odr.
Seithr teacher of Odin……..

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