Lia Cruse is a poet and artist living in Florida who teaches the rune-path Runes Course:

In this post, Lia points to the crucial need to understand the magic of the rune Thurisaz, the thorn-rune, the rune of defence.

We are living in quite fraught times, where social reset and new spiritual vision is needed. The need for this brings out so much protest and anger. Working with Thurisaz imbues you with a strong sense of self-defence and needed centre in these difficult times.

Here’s a poem Lia wrote inspired by Thurisaz:

A call for you in my darkness
The lightening of my storms
Hold me close to you
Keep me safe from harm

Give me strength
To stand like a mountain
From all that is morally wrong
Together we will guard them
As the warriors bring us home

Let the shadows come
Bring them to my feet
Give me wisdom to release them
And set the children free

Let the storm of unity rage
With battle cries
And fists raised
We end the cycle of this cage

Let the lies fall into the sea
Together we are mountains
Immortal words we speak

I call for you my lightening
Let me strike hard and true
Shake loose the deception
We are divided without truth

My dearest Thorn
I call your strength into me

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As Lia puts it: ‘This poem is a work that came from a revisit I was doing with the rune Thurisaz for myself. All runes have both a positive and shadow aspect. Both aspects are also useful in healing, although the latter practice is much less commonly known. For this revisit with myself, I meditated with Thurisaz in the Murkstave or Shadow position to give myself an unblocked view of my deepest self, or Shadow Self through the filter of Thurisaz. While my poems often incorporates astrology terms, because I am also very involved in studying astrology, this poem is a wonderful example of the depths the runes can guide us to and also the breakthroughs that are possible. It also demonstrates the positive and healing conclusions that one can reach by working with the Shadow aspect of a rune for purposes of self healing.’

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Lia Cruse, who now lives in Florida, is a dedicated teacher helping you through your course and deepening your connection to each rune. Lia has many years of experience with rune magical work to transform your life in needed areas. The runes are powerful magic.

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Frida is a Shamaness and healer, who also makes felted wool art and rugs for babies, children and adults. She lives in Sweden and Frida also offers health care yoga, pregnancy massage and healing massage therapy.