Winter Solstice is the celebration of the death of the old Sun, and the rebirth of the new Sun. at the personal level, this is the acknowledgement of parts of our life that must die now, and the welcoming into new being of new faces to our life.

It’s ultimately about the raising of our consciousness at this time of transition to a new year, and so this video is part of a 7-part video and blog mini-series on this theme.

This was the Winter Solstice Celebration Ritual of the new Druid Group serving the North West of Ireland: its second Ritual: Winter Solstice 2019. It’s a Seed Group within OBOD.

The Group is led by Tracey Jean Yappa, AKA Tatty to her friends, and if you want to get in touch, email Tatty at:
Unfortunately Tatty was unable to attend the Ritual due to a knee operation, but we send her heartfelt wishes for completing her recovery.

The ritual was compelling, beautiful and unforgettable: such chance for empowerment and vision.

The first part of the Winter Solstice Celebration was at Creevykeel Megalithic tomb, which is overlooking the splendour of Donegal Bay.

Working in contact with one of the stones of the megalith, we gained such vision pictures of the lives of the people who used this tomb for their beloved dead through the Neolithic, First Farmers period around 4,000 to 2,500 BC, where DNA research indicates the people’s ultimate origin was in what is now Southern Turkey.

Working with another stone, we received such strong, healing energy. It was because of this high quartz-content high energy stones that these Neolithic newcomers chose this area.

The second part of the Winter Solstice Celebration was in the remote and utterly beautiful Gleniff Horseshoe Valley nearby, carved by a glacier to the side of Ben Bulben Mountain.

We read the OBOD Winter Solstice ritual – vividly recreating the death of the Old Sun and the Birth of the New Sun.

At the point where the members discarded the black ribbon each carried in mourning for the death of the old Sun we each voiced those parts of our life that are dying now, that have died, or must now die.

We then discarded the black ribbon of mourning and voiced our purpose and intention to be open to new things in our life now: new life areas that will be born.

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