Work with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish : Druid Forest School worldwide Course

A Worldwide Course to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, offered by The Druid Forest School.

This video presents one of the techniques you learn: Aisling or ‘vision journey’ to meet a Deity.
In the Druid Forest School, we learn a number of ways to make visionary contact with the great and beautiful Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, such empowering figures as The Morrigan, The Dagda, Llugh and Manannan, Brigid, Airmid, Dian Cecht and Miach, great Ogma, Goibnu, Aengus Óg, Boann and others. Your personal style and consciousness is always respected. Valuable insights are added from your western and Vedic natal and current predictive astrology. After each vision journey you share supportive email with myself.

See the Druid Forest School website for details and how to enrol:

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