Krittika Nakshatra is the 3rd of the 27 Nakshatras, the wonderful and powerfully declarative Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

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The Ruler of Krittika Nakshatra is the Sun who can be angry and fight. Krittikas are possessed of intense awareness and the ability to undergo purification. They have a lot of energy and pride. Krittika spans 26°40′ Vedic Aries – 10° Vedic Taurus and its symbol is a knife.Its deities are: Agni, the god of fire and Karttikeya, the general of the heavenly army. Its Keywords are: heroic, sharp, protecting, full of initiatives. Its translation is: ‘the one who cuts’. Essentially, this is a malefic Nakshatra. This is  jailor energy and is not easy at all.

Favorably, Krittikas are motivated achievers who acquire many things; bright with strong appetites, goal oriented people who like to get the bot­tom line and go for what they want. This is the survivor; dignified and taking a pride in what they do. They will honor their commitments; be a good leader and straightforward.

But unfavourably, Krittikas are piercing, criticizing and fault-finding. Intimidating, with cutting blunt manners, though they can put on the social graced. They are not open to advice; hard to please; impatient and respond too strongly to challenges. They set goals or expectations too high; and definitely burn out their health by constant and unrelent­ing activity.

In the sky, Krittika is positioned in the form of a group of stars called “The Pleiades“, or the “weeping sis­ters” as they are some­times called.  The warrior may bring destruction and sad­ness. Howe­ver, he may also be the protector of the good and the des­troyer of evil.  The warrior knows what he wants and he is prepared to give his life in order to protect what is good.

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