rune ehwazEnrol for my worldwide Rune Course. The Rune Course is learned and powerful. It is strong and beautiful transformation.

You get sent a presentation of how the Rune has been understood through the millennia. You then complete your own visionary journey for each Rune.

People also share partly on their experience of each rune, and also on using runes and rune-casts for Divination, partly to deepen their visionary connection with the Norse Gods such as Odin, Freyr, Heimdall, and partly to share and support each other on their spiritual journey at the moment. I refer to your astrology for deeper insight as well.

The horse in this picture is Sleipnir, the steed of Odin: great and powerful warrior, magician God.

Here’s what a couple of the students wrote about their experience after studying the rune Ehwaz, and completing the journey to drumming that each person gets sent for each rune:

Frank, England:
In Norse mythology Yggdrasil is represented by the yew tree. The yew tree is strong but flexible just as Odin had to be when he hung from the tree for nine days in order to gain knowledge of the runes. Surrender and sacrifice are important if you want to gain anything of significance. Payment must be made as Odin sacrifices one of his eyes. This ordeal brought a kind of death and rebirth. He had to face his inner fears, demons and dark side as we must sometimes do to progress and evolve. By facing and indeed embracing our own dark side we can bring about great transformation and regeneration. Growth and spiritual expansion follow. Facing our own demons and fears can make us stronger and less fearful and will enable us to face the challenges we face in life.

Inner journeys are implied by this rune, going down deep into the underworld just as roots of Yggdrasil do. Sinking down into hidden depths of our own very soul to discover who and what we are and what we are meant to do is represented by this rune. In order to do this we have to be very committed, determined, resourceful,  dedicated and fearless. We can take heart that if we are, the rewards can be great.

Veronica, Dallas, Texas:
I had felt a really close connection to the rune Ehwaz. For me, I do see myself as being a person who has moved and travelled. I do like to stay busy and traveling to various places has helped me in my social life as well.
The energy of Ehwaz for me, is about relating to others who have been abused. My boyfriend was abused physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally so for me, there’s a soft spot in my heart for those who’ve been hurt. I’ve also have gone through being verbally abused by others.
The energy for me, was about needing to take the time to not be tied to one place. For me, it’s ok to be busy but I’ll want to take time to rest and reflect on what is happening in my life. I see this rune, as being one of helping others to heal.
For me, my own purpose, is to assist others in their own healing on all levels of themselves. The energy of Ehwaz is about connecting with a higher source of power and wisdom a higher force, to be a guiding light in order to help others. I see this as also being a rune of inner strength.
There seems like it would be about having a two way street, receiving and giving to others, as well as experiencing a lot of energy shifting. For me, moving would be not only in a physical sense but also spiritually as this rune for me is about transition in one’s life. This is also about taking the time to find a way to be more stable.
It may be that people just like to move around and travel, though for me, there seems to come a point where I need to get to know the area which I’ve moved to, to see if I like it or not. The other message that comes to me is the bond between animal and humans.
I know others who enjoy horses, so I can relate to that, and I can tell that others who I’ve talked to enjoy riding their horse. The message for me is also about needing to take time to just be with your animal, whichever it is, and spend time with it.
I feel that in terms of the two way street, it’s in terms of communication or having a bond with someone. I see it as, having a conversation with someone back and forth, relating to them.
In relationships if one person is only talking to the person and the person isn’t talking back to them, for me communication would be only one sided which for me wouldn’t be healthy. There would need to be some form of communication between both parties involved.

Each of us finds strength and deep understanding as we journey through the Runes: My name is Michael Conneely. You can email me on or phone: 07799296821.

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