ogham idad old yew treeWelcome to the world of the Celts: a world of magic, shape-shifting, sorcery and divination, of heroism and rituals and profound contact with the Earth, a world where the physical world is understood in its context with the otherworlds, a world where trees and animals are given their rightful place and power.

You can use the Ogham to bring guidance to any circumstance and inspiration to your Path. You can re-awaken this ancient knowledge so that you can carry it in your bones, and reconnect with the magical wisdom of the ancient Celts. To the Celts, everything is interconnected and imbued with spirit. Plants, animals, stones and places all have their own unique energies. On how you interact with and understand these depends your own life’s unfoldment.
Study the Ogham, the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids, in a certified distance learning course. Each Ogham letter is a magical guide to life. Each letter opens the mind to the otherworlds and mystery. Personal guidance and spiritual growth. Timeless wisdom that is relevant and needed today. Gain clarity and insight into your life using this deep ancestral understanding.
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