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This blog post with its TWO videos tell you all about the rune of Joy: Wunjo, and how we find it, and what we shun. Read all about this below, and see my worldwide Rune Course: www.rune-path.com

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Wunjo, or Wynn, is the Rune of Joy. It is the final rune of the first Aett or run of eight runes which are all about what is needed if you are to be a successful human being. If we can encompass the key human qualities, we will find joy, and then we can go on from that foundation to encompass the areas of life covered by the Second Aett , the next eight runes, which tell us how to become the Spiritual Warrior and learn through dealing with adversity, and the final Aett is all about the qualities to co-create with the Gods, in our own life, as part of the evolution of humanity and the earth.

Pt. 1: Here’s the first video, with me talking about Wunjo:

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Pt. 2: And here’s the second video with my wife Maggie Pashley invoking Wunjo Joy:

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Speaking to you from the Atlantic Coast of the West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre, with Ben Bulben Mountain in the background.

So the first Aett are all about Fehu (value issues), Uruz (are we strong enough?), Thurisaz (can we defend ourself?), Ansuz (can we speak our Truth and connect to Divine truth and utterance?), Rad (we must take the road forward), Ken (we need the fire of action and inspiration), and if we can encompass these we find Gebo (the gift, the kiss) and then the human pinnacle: Wunjo (joy).

But of course, deep questions are raised as to how we will find joy in our particular incarnation: this present life. He are here to deal with things left over from our past lives, we are here to achieve those special creative sparks of achievement that we came here to achieve. We may have to undo our early parenting in this life which if negative, tested us by being a torture chamber, and arena for our scape-goating and denigration, a prison.

There is the issue of our heredity to deal with as well. It may be beneficial, but also it may include traumas and negative deeds for us to heal and clean.

And then there’s the question of are we ready to raise our level of consciousness, so as to be able to arise above the merely reactive, or rise above chattering mind scripts, or rise above the prison of western materialism.

And so our Joy/Wunjo is individual, what does the Rune Wunjo signify for you ??
In Vedic Astrology, there’s a chart which is derived from the birth chart, and is called the Navamsha Chart. And essentially our D9 Navamsha chart declares our ideal Ashram, our ideal state of living. It may not be the most lucrative. It may not be what our family programmed us to become. But great solidity and happiness can come from living in the ay of our own individual Ashram. There are other derived charts in Vedic Astrology, each of them saying something totally wonderful about an area of our life. For example, the D40 Khavedamsha Chart is a declaration of our Super-Conscious Self, the super-conscious plane, maybe of our akashic records, and it is so helpful to hear a declaration what is the nature of our superconscious self – and this can guide us to find our ideal ashram: our ideal way of living, in this life. See my advanced Vedic Astrology Course where I teach you these Vedic Astrology Divisional or Varga Charts: www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com/varga-course

I live on the Sligo Atlantic west coast of Ireland, where Ireland’s greatest poet lived: W B Yeats, where he and other created the Celtic revival: contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish. See my Druid Forest School and Ogham Courses:  www.druidforestschool.com

There’s a lovely poem by WB Yeats, sung by The Water Boys called Before The World was Made: https://youtu.be/ssCl9vX0Pv0?list=PL-vPDjFjlLrB4c7vJwkM5MAgTO2qnVf69

– we need to have a sense of the soul who incarnates and what our soul seeks, if we are to find our Joy, our Wunjo.

Just before I list the joy-wonders of Wunjo, let’s briefly look at the negatives for this Rune. You are out of touch with your joy. You have lost your identity. You are in poor relationship with others. Bossily you lay your dogma on others. You show who wears the trousers. You are the black dragon on his hoard. Unhappiness, misery, blighted experience is what you cling to. You are mired in negativity or weakness. You lack the buoyancy of the Norse path. You are in psychological paralysis or self-pity.

So, what you need to find is positive JOY:

Joy can bind family members together. Joy can bind our tribe together. We must not become bound to negativity. The rune magician or Viki frequently includes Wunjo in his bind rune.

We must avoid doing joyless occupations in our life.

We must follow our bliss.

Sigurd slew the dark dragon Fafnir, then he rose upwards in joy, up through the ring of fire, and awakened the sleeping Valkyrie, and she gave him the Rune of Joy. Whoever holds the Rune of Joy, good luck will be his.

Wunjo brings fellowship, harmonious groups, celebration of life, joy as spontaneous creativity.

Happiness comes when we want it for everybody, not just for ourself.

Joy is the great art of the healthy community.

There’s’ the joy and delight in the meeting of twin souls.

Wunjo’s secret power is universal content.

Joy and freedom go hand in hand

Joy and commitment go hand in hand.

Joy is found through loving perception of the work

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And I’m also telling you that there is also a wonderful free worldwide Runes Telesummit where I am one of the teachers. It’s run by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways from Monday 22nd October to Friday 2nd November, and you can find out all about the free Telesummit and join in using this link: http://www.mcssl.com/app/?Clk=5626781